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Join our experts and specialists on the road to take you through their views and strategies for 2023.

Wealth: the preservation and growth challenges of 2023 – inflation, cost of living, how will you deliver your clients’ goals?

Faced with the mis-match between savings rates and inflation, there are relatively few ways to safely preserve your wealth, sustain your income, let alone help it to grow. Against the backdrop of a turbulent 2022, how will 2023 affect your clients?

There will be seven presentations on each date. All of the speakers will be available for live Q&A after each session. The virtual events run from 10:00 to 13:10, we have built in breaks into the sessions as well.

These events are exclusive to authorised investment advisers only (or officers of a regulated advice business).

This event is accredited by CII / Personal Finance Society member CPD scheme and delegates can claim up to 2 hours and 55 minutes of CPD , and 2 Hours 55 minutes for the virtual